Starwind Montana | Pet Furniture | Livingston, MT

Business Description:

StarwindMtUSA LLC owner, Sharon Cochran's dream and vision is to create "Earth Friendly" chemical free pet safe furniture and accessories that also create an efficient way of reclaiming and re-purposing unique Montana woods from the Starwind Ranch. Sharon's vision and designs that she has created, were realized through her guidance of her team which has successfully produced products according to her designs. These products we are proud to sell to pet lovers, also care for the health and well-being of your best friends. In doing so she has created stellar beauty, giving all your pets heavenly plush comfort!

These unique rustic pet beds are handcrafted in Livingston, Montana with USA made materials. The wood frames are re-purposed from Starwind Ranch fencing and downed trees, and sealed with a formulation of natural oils and beeswax. The beds are available in 4 sizes to accommodate any breed or can be custom ordered to accommodate your pet size.

Our bed designs feature hardware free mortise and tenon joinery. The structural support for the cushion may be removed without tools for cleaning or replacement.

Our Starwind Promise:
  • Love for the four leggers
  • Beauty for the two leggers
  • Respect for the Environment




  • Desiree of Starwind
    I am a Belgium Sheep Dog, Founder and Owner of StarwindMt LLC, a sustainability company. We reclaim and repurpose wood fencing and downed timber to develop healthy chemical free pet furniture...
  • Sidney
    My name is Sidney and I am a rescue. I am General Manager of Starwind Montana. I joined the company March 24th 2013. My assistant is Gaye Murray who came highly recommended by Desiree...

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